AccuTek III® Intelligent Ignition Analyzers from DNI Bolting

DNI Bolting Solutions Ltd. carries AccuTek III® Intelligent Ignition Analyzers manufactured by Innovative Technical Solutions. These durable analyzers are constructed to effectively diagnose problems related to shielded and unshielded energy output. They can be used to test ignition coils, ignition generators, secondary leads, solid state ignition modules and much more.


  • Easy to use

  • Small, hand held design

  • Battery operated (4 AA cells)

  • Liquid crystal display for visual feedback

  • Low battery indicator

  • Rugged, high impact case

  • Simple, step-by-step instruction manual & video


  • Extensive ignition module/ignition generator analysis

  • Instrument & control panel testing

  • Testing of coils, secondary leads, extensions, etc.

  • High voltage integrity testing (megger testing)

The Arntz blades that we offer include:

  • 24BP-FM Used for testing Fairbanks Morse/Holley® 2-pin shielded coils

  • 24BP-CAT Used for testing Caterpillar® EIS coils

  • 24T-ALT Inserted between primary lead and shielded or flange mounted 3-pin coils

  • 24BP-BS Used for testing Bosch® 2-pin shielded coils

  • 24BP-ALT Used for testing Altronic® 3-pin shielded coils

With each of the analyzer models, there are 2 unique features: a missing pulse detector and an instrument test feature.

The missing pulse detector feature can be used to test an engine’s firing pattern to see if there are any misfires during its operation. To test the engine, the analyzer can be connected to an individual primary lead or to the shutdown lead.

The instrument test feature utilizes a voltage output that can be adjusted from approximately 100 to 350 VDC at a stable 60 Hz. This output allows you to power a panel and perform troubleshooting without having to start up the equipment’s engine.

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